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Hi!  My name is Zoe and I'm the owner of The Queen of Purls and this is a wee story of how my business came to be!

When I picked up knitting around around 2005 I inevitably fell into the rabbit hole of what else I could do with wool!  I was a felter before I was a knitter and the next logical step was to learn how to spin.  After that, I taught myself how to dye wool and yarn.  I was posting photos of what I was dyeing online and people started asking me if I would dye some and sell it to them.  From there the seed of an idea to own a yarn shop was planted in my mind, but often shoved to the back as it seemed completely unobtainable. 

Around 2009 I decided that I would really love to have a yarn shop and started working towards it.  Five years later I was awarded a grant and had found a shop to set up in.  Dyeing fell away when I first opened. I was physically knackered after setting up the shop and I've never experience so much stress in my life.  I started dyeing again when I had settled into my new business and felt comfortable with the day to day tasks of owning a small biz. 

Eventually I took it a bit more seriously and started developing repeat colourways on yarn bases I loved which is what you see on my website now.  I really pride myself on my collection of semi-solid shades.  I really wanted a range of colours that all worked together and really felt like they were a collection, rather than a bunch of random colours.  I have lots of purples, which is weird as purple is not my favorite colour, but for some reason I love dyeing it!  My palette is always earthy.  I'm an earthy person and I love nature - this comes through in my work.  

At the beginning of 2018 after 4 years in my shop, I had to move premises due to rent hikes.  I'm currently, but not for much longer, in a studio space.  After 5 years in business as The Queen of Purls I've gone from selling commercial yarn to 99% my own hand dyed yarn.  I feel really lucky that I make a living out of selling products that I creatively make.  I've always been creative and need that in my life.

Lots of things have changed in 5 years and I'm on the move again.  My partner and I are leaving Glasgow and moving the countryside.  We can't wait!  It does mean that the shop will sadly have to close down, but we both feel so positive about this move together and that it's the right way to move forward!  The Queen of Purls is now transitioning to an online business.  I'm excited about this and I'm excited to get into our new space as it will give me and The Queen of Purls room to grow into the next 5 years!